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What is coaching?
Coaching is for people who want to get results in one or more areas of their lives or work. It’s a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that enables you to achieve success. Coaching uses questioning techniques to facilitate your own thought processes, so that you can identify your own solutions and actions. This means facilitating your own exploration of your needs, motivations, aspirations, capabilities and thinking processes to enable you to make real and lasting change.

Does it work?
Yes it does. Research supports this and we have many examples of our own where coaching has accelerated a client’s ability to identify and achieve their goals in their personal and / or working life. However, coaching is not a solution for everything and everyone. Before we undertake to work with you, we will discuss with you whether coaching is appropriate for your needs.

On UK / overseas programmes - how big are the groups?
We aim to keep groups to between 6 and 10 people, depending on the nature of the programme.

Do I get my own coach?
Yes you do. If you join one of our UK or overseas group programmes, there may be up to 3 coaches depending on the size of the group. In addition to sessions with your own dedicated coach, you are welcome to talk to any of the coaches during the programme.

Do I have to take part in group activities or can I do my own thing?
Our programmes give you the freedom to choose. We recognise that everyone is unique - what works for one person may not work for another and also that you might just need a bit of space. So beyond planned 1:1 coaching sessions, you’re not on an ‘itinerary’. You’re free to choose what to do and whether to do it on your own, or with fellow group members. If you’re on one of our group journeys, we’ll be together for most of the time anyway. However, you will have regular 1:1 coaching sessions and we’ll also schedule in ‘down’ time so that you can have some time to yourself. If we’re asked to run a group session on a topic of interest to everyone, then of course we’re always happy to do so.

What if I want to extend my trip whilst I’m there?
Our travel partners can arrange trip extensions, flights and any other travel arrangements before or after your Inspired 4 Life programme. Just let us know what you want and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can take care of everything for you.

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FAQs at Inspired 4 Life
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